Warrior Forum Gathering 2012 – Part Two

Warrior EventHi Guys. If you didn’t read Part One, you need to go back and do so. There is a lot of background there on the nature of the Warrior Forum I am sure you will find interesting.

My notes are by no means complete. I only recorded the things that mattered most to me, and that I found interesting. Other times, the nature of the presentation did not lend itself to voluminous note-taking. I also left some things out on purpose – I am using my own judgment here, but some of the stuff in these presentations needs to stay in Vegas, if you know what I mean…

 So – you shouldn’t take the amount of notes as an indicator of the quality of either the speaker or this particular presentation, okay?

We pick the report up right after lunch on Day One. Once we all came back from burgers by the pool (not as good as it sounds, since the pool was covered) we dove right back into it with…

Expert Panel Session

Essentially, we just lined up some of the bigger names and shot questions at them. I couldn’t tell you who answered what questions – it was pretty much a free for all, with everyone chiming in where ever they had something to contribute. I just tried to absorb what I could, and took notes on the best bits.

  • First up we had a question about the best software to use for a WordPress based membership site. Wishlist won out among the panel, with honorable mention going to Profits Theme (?) used with PayPal, and Optimize Press with DAP (Digital Access Pass).
  • Stop worrying about what Google wants and worry about what your customer wants.
  • Whether you are launching WSOs or are just a member in the Warrior Forum, relationships are key. Build them right away, and maintain them.
  • Find a paid Mastermind group and join it. Paid because people take things more seriously when they have some skin in the game.
  • Give just to give, not as a tactic to receive.
  • Consider doing a free WSO.
  • You can study and learn a thousand different things, but the one indispensable skill is marketing.
  • Sell one product over and over. Work it, improve it, make it into a cash cow.
  • Work on what is working! Ignore your new ideas until your old ones are complete. One project at a time.
  • Take action – in a focused way. Internet marketing is a paid scholarship. The only career where the school is free, and you can make a ton of money in less than two years.
  • If you are a product creator, remember that even a failed product can be used as a giveaway later.
  • Take all the notes you want (I believe this was Shawn Casey talking to those of us scribbling furiously) but take action. Make a list of Action Items from your notes and them follow through.
  • Dr. Ben on outsourcing: Don’t do the stuff you don’t enjoy. If you’re deciding what parts of the business to outsource, make it the parts you don’t like.

Clickbank Crossover Commissions

Kevin Rogers & Ben Johnson

I am not in the Clickbank space, and don’t do much affiliate marketing to start with, so I may not have the knowledge base to pick the best bits, but I tried! They begin with copywriting tips…

Tim Sykes has the 6th most trafficked blog on the net. check him out for copywriting and headlines. Some on the usual stuff, Top 10 lists, 7 ways to, etc.

Pre-lauch buzz-building – Use three videos:

  1. Who I am and What do I have
  2. Killer giveaway tactic or tool
  3. Build launch excitement, early bird list
Big take-aways:
  • Use the giveaway tactic – you’ll see it in the most successful WSOs
  • One problem, one solution – focus yoru product
  • Make it immediately actionable
  • Demonstrate your product so completely that succeeding seems a foregone conclusion
  • Clickbank conversion rates are lower
  • EPCs are comparable
  • Clickbank traffic is huge
They then showed us a Monster Funnel for products detailing their pricing structure, with upsell and downsell price points and funnel locations. This was nicely done, and although I did draw it out in my notebook, I will not share this part.


Crashing the JV Party

  • Choose your allies
  • Get on their leaderboards
  • Just listen at first and figure out who the leaders are in your space
  • Fill a gap in the marketplace to make it easy for them to promote you
  • Go in knowing hat YOU can do for THEM
  • Try and calculate the value of yoru partnerships
  • Give first, ask later
  • Be brutally honest – always
John Thornhill – software to run a WSO through clickbank
Some use a WSO as a Clickbank pre-launch


Steal my System – How I Broke Through to the Next level

Bolaji O the No-Crastinator

Very inspiring story. He came here from Africa and ended up an Olympic athelete and a successful businessman. He had a loving supportive family around him, but obviously works his ass off. Impossible not to like this guy.

Bolaji’s presentation was as much inspirational as anything else, but has some really good nuggets in it.

Your Bridge to Nowhere!

  • Jumping from one technique to another
  • Stop switching bridges and stick to one model
  • Commit to one technique and ignore the others
(this is something that kept coming up during the conference – pick one thing and master it.)
We then wrote down our three greatest strengths and three biggest weaknesses – then picked someone to share them with. That was uncomfortable :)


Biggest weaknesses of internet marketers:
  • Simply not getting projects done
  • Not matching the offers to the audience
  • Not working with others
  • Not researching and finding an easier way to do things
  • Not choosing a mentor, or picking the wrong one


Outsourcing Product Creation for Kindle and Createspace

Rachel Rofe

Rachel gave a very well received presentation. A more cynical reporter would note that the conference was overwhelmingly male and that she was easy on the eyes. But I would never point that out.

Rachel has  pretty simple way to outsource Kindle writing – it is straightforward and I can see how it would work. Basically, you would outsource 10-12 reports based on an outline, then edit them and put them together.

She covers the following:

  • How to find writers – even MBA level, for next to nothing
  • How to  find an editor
  • Where to get e-book covers made – well and cheaply
I can’t be more specific, because she offers all this and also her own list of writers, etc as a small product. I nearly bought this, both because I am interested in the marketplace, but also because she is a very good marketer. More than the other presenters who were selling someting, she really made it seem as if her method was a no-brainer, easy button type system.
Pretty and smart is a hell of a combination :)


Evening Festivities

That was the end of the first day. If it seems like a lot, it was. It was like drinking from a fire hose to try and absorb all the info.

After the lessons, I was thirsty so I made my way to the JV party in the hotel. In the corridor near the entrance, they had a couple of Hooters level models in trashy clothes posing for pictures with idiots. I believe the background was a repesentation of a low I.Q.

The JV party was pretty bad – music was bad Journey when I walked in, and not a good cut either. The idea behind these things is that you meet people and network, so let’s turn the lights really low so you can’ see anyone, and play the music so loud you can’t hear them. I am much more the type that enjoys one on one conversations anyway, so I bailed, ran the skank gauntlet again, and made my way to the hotel bar.

I’m not known for being shy, especially when I have a drink in my hand, so I inserted myself into a conversation that turned into about a 4 hour conversation about – no shit – zombies. I had a lot of fun, so much in fact, that I forgot to stop and eat dinner. That turns out to have been a mistake. But in addition to laughing as much as I have in months, I managed to put together a plan for an iPhone app and a WSO with a couple of new acquaintances.

A note here about drinking in a new bar. Learn the bartender’s name. And then use it. I was lucky in that this night we had a female bartender and for whatever reason, I get along with most women. I think it is because I genuinely like them, and find them to be a lot nicer and easier to work with than men.

Anyway, she was a doll, and kept the drinks coming till I don’t know when – I floated out of there about 1 AM. Without paying.


Came time to check out on Sunday evening, and I made my way back to the bar to settle up. As luck would have it, she was working again. Turns out that since I was so nice to her, even when I had trouble figuring out which one of her to talk to, she simply tore up my ticket.

Now there’s a lesson, if not one from the conference. There’s no downside to being nice.


I’ll cover Day Two of the conference in my next post. Got to stop now and do some core business stuff…


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