The Grabapple Guide to Ecommerce

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Introduction to Ecommerce

In our first chapter, you'll get an intro to your instructor, and a discussion of why ecommerce is the best way to make money on the internet.

ecommerce business structure

Set Up Your Business

We discuss setting up your business legally, building your business team, hardware and sofware, and selecting a platform for your store.

Running your ecommerce business

Running Your Ecommerce Business

This is a huge chapter. We'll look at setting up the systems that you'll use to run your business, money, inventory and more.

ecommerce product selection

Finding Products to Sell Online

Finally, we're into the good stuff. We'll do a product search, narrow it down, create some unique content - and talk about dropshipping.

Ecommerce product suppliers

Suppliers, Dropshippers, and Resellers

Are you a distributor or a dropshipper? We'll find out. Then we'll look at a script for opening business with a new supplier, and more.

Dropshipping and shipping products

USPS, UPS, or FedEx?

Shipping is not hard! We'll go over the big 3, and talk about your options with each. Then we'll talk about supplies, and where to get them.

ecommerce customer service

Ecommerce Customer Service

Let's get in depth on exactly how you can interact with your customers to increase satisfaction and profits, while avoiding fraudulent orders.

Ecommerce competition

Meet Your Frenemies

How to hunt them down and figure out who you really need to watch, and maybe even turn them into a new supplier.

content marketing ecommerce

Creating Content for Ecommerce

Yes, you need to create your content before you build the site. I'll show you where to get it, and how to use The Smiling Lady Technique.

Grabapple Guide Ch 10 - Domains & Hosting

What's in a Domain Name?

We'll find out! This chapter is a look at how to choose the right kind of domain name, how to avoid mistakes, and where to host your site.

Ecommerce store - The best coffee pot

How to Build Your E-Commerce Website

This is the fun part. We set up WordPress, install plugins, and get your shopping cart up. Finish the chapter and you'll have a store of your own.

Ecommerce SEO and marketing

Basic Marketing and SEO

Learn on-site SEO, keyword research, and more. We'll get you started off on the right foot, and lay out your path forward.