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hd monitorsI had an email conversation with a friend today who sent me – with only the most generous motives – a link to yet another IM whitepaper on “How to get Noticed.”

I didn’t download it because

a) I already know what’s in it.
b) It’s probably already obsolete to some extent.

But his email did get me thinking about Google and marketing in 2011, which led me (of all places) to Pearl Jam…My response to my friend:

My guess is that you’ll be getting lots of interesting emails from them going forward. :)

The actual fact of the matter is that things are changing so fast that any “guide to getting your business…” is partially obsolete almost as soon as it comes out. The big news this week is Twitter released a new business page feature, and everyone in that space is scrambling to get theirs designed / put up, next week it will be something else.
The real news for 2011 was the end of Google as a search engine. Do a search for the following: HD monitor – Never mind – I launched a clean browser and turned on privacy to eliminate personalized results and we see the attached. This is what appears in most people’s browsers for most any product or service related search.
Google is now simply a big list of advertisements and the last place to go for information. Lots of small businesses selling say, specialty gardening tools, are going under as the search results now consist of paid advertisements and listings for large box stores.
Of course you will not see this discussed much in the media, although it is the subject of continuous and heated debate in internet marketing circles.
My own take is that there is an opening for a search engine that filters out commercial sites – wouldn’t that be interesting?
This all – the big media ignorance (or ignoring?) of the real issue – reminds me of Pearl Jam. When their first album came out, I loved it, but was not “overwhelmed with the originality and ┬áraw anger” like some reviewers were. Then I saw a single line review that captured my feelings perfectly:
“It’s just pop hooks draped in grunge.”
Of course. It’s obvious in retrospect. And two years from now (a lifetime on the net) people will be talking about when Google “turned the corner and became a shopping engine.” In the meantime, those of us who make our living there have been watching this since 2009 at least.


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    • Dave says

      Yep. Come on – Evenflow? Jeremy? great songs, sure. But they are pop music. I will say that Black still moves me – that ending – that is exactly what it feels like when your reason for living walks away.. Surely nothing in life sends us soaring to the mountaintops and crashing into the depths with more speed and intensity than romantic love:

      “I know someday you’ll have a beautiful life,
      I know you’ll be a sun in somebody else’s sky, but why
      Why, why can’t it be, can’t it be mine…”

  1. says

    State of Love & Trust?? Breath??

    Black is great. Evenflow and Jeremy are definitely pop-y and I guess that’s why they’re not my favorite. There isn’t a whole lot of rage there, but I think it was definitely epic for 1991.

    • Dave says

      There was a lot of epic rock in the early 90s. I think of it as the last gasp of rock before it all got rap-ified.

      Green Day – Dookie
      Soundgarden – Superunknown
      Pearl Jam – Ten
      Core – STP
      Siamese Dream – Pumpkins

      and so on – Just tons of great rock from the first half of that decade.

  2. says

    YES! I love 90s “alternative.” Don’t forget about Alice in Chains and Blind Melon (other than the Bee Girl song). I was obsessed with STP’s “Plush” when it came out. And Dookie is the only good Green Day album, IMHO. And don’t forget the “hybrid” bands: Temple of the Dog, Mad Season…

    I’m so sorry to hijack the comments and talk about music! I was just showing the HD monitor results to my marketing team last week to demonstrate the Google Money Machine and the disappearance of organic results, LOL.

    • Dave says

      It’s OK :) – I guess some people can talk shop endlessly, but not me. Wow. I can’t believe I forgot Alice in Chains. Rooster – now that’s epic. And Man in the Box should have gotten a “riff of the year” award.

      But yeah, “organic results” is not something that actually exists, is it?

  3. Matthew N says

    Hey mate

    Bought your WSO thanks to the recommendation of a friend. Loved it! I am currently doing a lot of Adsense but eCommerce is certainly my next play, beyond a shadow of a doubt. Your eBook will come in handy!

    Now – I’m not sure if you are wanting to keep your niches or websites secret (your ebook would definitely indicate as such), but I have been able to find four of them….

    If you’re interested in how I found this info (it will be easy to fix) am more than willing to help a fellow entrepreneur so just get in touch with me.

    • Dave says

      Hi Matthew – I am glad you’re enjoying the book. As to my “real” sites, they are very easy to find. I am a public figure on Facebook, and on the net. I use my real name, and make no secret as to my location. It’s to my advantage to do so, as I have customers that remember my name and search for it, also my address, phone #, etc. so I don’t really need other IM guys calling me while I am trying to sell product, (hence my edit of your comment) but it’s no big deal.

      I think the whole “hiding online” thing is only needed is you are doing lots of Adsense, and maybe not even then. Pat Flynn has many of his sites public, and he doesn’t seem to care.

  4. Christian says

    To me, PJ only got better from “Ten” and on. “No Code” anyone?

    Back to shop:
    Dave, are you saying small e-commerce is s#@t out of luck with Google SERPS?
    That kinda does make “the next big thing” in getting-yourself-noticed important to know about, doesn’t it?

    • Dave says

      Small e-comm SOL? Not quite – but I would say that you have a very tough road if you want to rank for “iPod cases” or “Washing machines”. There are a number of things you can do to help with the current Google trend, such as going after long tails – especially when they include model and part numbers. Another good technique is to go after the uses of products, and keywords related to service, maintenance, or accessories.

      So far as the “next-big-thing” so far as I can tell, it is working all of the angles – social, comparison sites, SEO and so on. Original thinking will become critical, as will using techniques to engage your customers and cut Google out of the loop.

  5. Dirk says

    Business experience is everything. I picked up your WSO and after checking it out I actually learned a few things. I do have something to tell you about that but this is not the place. I do appreciate the great information and I believe it will help me in my business greatly.

    Thanks very much Dave and have an Awesome New Years Celebration!

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