E-Commerce Update

Is Facebook done?

Hardly, but it looks as if it’s done growing. Of course, you have to wonder who else could join at this point. Adding to the recent woes of a botched IPO, the “stalker app” and their stealth email address change, Facebook’s numbers were actually down last month. As noted here on The Daily Beast, this is not the first time this has happened this year.

Looks like they went public just in time – with the recent dropping of Facebook ad campaigns by some major retailers, it seems that people are catching on that we don’t go to Facebook to buy stuff – we go there to see if our ex got fat. (Yes!)

Ca$hie E-commerce plugin for WordPress…

This one looks really nice. I like that it’s PCI compliant right out of the box – all secure info is handled off-site, so you don’t have to worry about it. They’re taking 2.5% as their cut – but that is cheap compared to Shopify and other carts that require both a monthly fee, and take a cut.  All you need is their plugin and a hosting account and you can be up and running in an hour or so. I may put together a site with this one and do a more in depth review. In the meantime, here’s the overview:

More info at their site here – cashiecommerce.com

E-Commerce platforms make Pinterest integration standard, really girly…

Out two favorite store systems, CoreCommerce and BigCommerce offer free Pinterest integration, and you can even get it from third party vendors for your creaky old Yahoo Store. But does it actually convert? My guess is that is depends on the product. Pinterest skews heavily female, and those of us selling something besides bridal favors may see less than stellar results.

Nature abhors a vacuum, and so do marketers, so now we have a rash of Pinterest clones for guys: DudepinsManteresting, PunchPinGentlemint and Dartitup all boast a male demographic, so if you are looking for a shot at some free traffic and weak links, they may help you get rid of your old Harley parts.

Our Social E-commerce Site Experiment…

proceeds apace. We are building it on the BigCommerce platform, and it already has its very own Pinterest Facebook and Twitter accounts. It will be interesting to see if it can pay its way from Day One, as was the original plan. The site is functional and looks to launch with about 100 products, and at least as many pages of manual’s how-to articles, etc. for ancillary content. I am still ambivalent about posting the URL here – but I might.

The Grabapple Guide 2012 Edition

The Guide will be a year old in September, and while that is hardly out of date, some things have changed, particularly with respect to marketing and traffic generation. We’ll be issuing an update – if you already have a copy, you can get the update for free.

Other Projects

We have a lot in the pot simmering away for this summer. I am putting together a video course with another E-commerce veteran that you’re going to want to see, we have the advance news on a new Ecommerce WordPress theme coming out, and:

We’re launching a new website where you can build links to your site, promote your business, track your todo lists, interact with your customers and more..

Stay tuned for more info, or subscribe to the newsletter and get a sneak peek.



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