Grabapple Guide – Chapter One

Chapter 1: Introduction

Who Should Read This Book?

  • You want to start selling product online, and you don’t want to deal with eBay, or other second-hand marketplaces.
  • You want to get a real store up and running without learning how to write code.
  • You have at least a basic understanding of the internet and enjoy learning.
  • You want to make sure you don’t overextend yourself.
  • You want to avoid becoming a victim of fraud online.
  • You like to help people solve problems, find what they need or figure things out.
  • You already have an e-commerce business, and are interested in learning some tips and tricks to run it more efficiently and with greater profitability.
  • You’re ready have an Internet business that generates revenue through advertising or affiliate sales, and want to diversify your income.

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