Grabapple Guide 1.0 Table of Contents

I’ll be publishing selected portions of the original Grabapple Guide here on the site over the next few months while I get the Grabapple Guide 2.0 ready to go. Where the first Guide was an ebook with a companion website, the new one will be much, much more.

You can get more info on the Grabapple Guide 2.0 here.

Sandler picFirst off, who am I and why should you listen to me?

About Your Author

Hi there. Many of you will know me already, but for those who do not…I am a father, a husband, a transplanted Texan, a sailor, a hippie more or less, and I listen to way too much bad ‘80s rock n roll. None of that matters right now. Here’s what does:

In 1988, I exited the Navy with not much more than my freedom. I took a job with a manufacturers’ representative firm in Maryland, and spent the next nine years driving the wheels off of a series of  Hondas in Virginia, Maryland, Delaware and Washington DC.
It was really hard work.

But it got me where I wanted to be. In the fall of 1999, I finalized a deal to buy the company I worked for. There was not much to it: Three employees, some demo equipment, office furniture, and a really basic website my son put up for us when he was 15.

While I was working my way into a position to buy the company, the world was changing. Being a manufacturers’ rep was becoming problematic because by the late 1990s, factories were closing in Virginia at a frightening pace, and jobs were moving to Mexico, and shortly thereafter to Asia. [Continue reading]